Programme of Events

Monday 8th April​ ’24

Ian Ruff

Monday 13th May ’24

Casting clinic

Monday 10th June​ ’24

End of season event

Two in-house tyers & refreshments.

2024 – 25 Season

Monday 9th September ‘24

Open evening

Two in-house tyers & refreshments.

Opportunity to join and/or renew membership.​

Monday 14th October​ ‘24

Rich Grisham

Monday 11th November ’24


Monday 9th Decembe​r ‘24

Charles Jardine

Monday 13th January ’25


Monday 10th February​ ’25


Monday 10th March ’25


Monday 14th April ’25

Chris Reeves

Monday 13th May ’25

Casting Clinic

Monday 10th June ’25

End of Season Event

Two in-house tyers & refreshments