About us

It is important that the tyer collects methods just as he collects materials. Whether or not the tyer exactly follows the methods is not as important as the skill and knowledge gained by the process”. Darrell Martin

Our fly tying season lasts from September to the end of June.

We meet on the second and third Monday of each month.

The first meeting of each month we invite a speaker for a fly tying demonstration.

The second meetings of the month are fly tying classes. We have beginner & intermediate classes plus a creative corner.

The creative table is for people who just want to tie their own flies, or have a problem with a particular technique that they would like some help with.

If you are interested in joining us, or wish try an evening before committing, then please contact the membership secretary.

Regan Skinner – rpskinner55@gmail.com

Further details are on the Membership page.

We also demonstrate at various shows such as at Hatfield House.